LinkME Wi-Fi

What we do?

We design, install, operate, monitor, and maintain the network. With over 15 years years of experience designing and building fixed wireless broadband and managed Wi-Fi solutions across New England. Your network will be tailored to meet the requirements of your business or property.  Just tell us what you need and we can design to fit expectations and budget.

Guest Experience

Your guests will have a strong signal throughout your property and will be able to connect to the Internet on any WiFi enabled device

Features of LinkME

  • Fast installation with limited wiring involved.
  • guest satisfaction with a WiFi solution that works consistently.
  • The ability to offer free WiFi to your guests or charge for access
  • Control over who is accessing your network and using your valuable bandwidth.
  • Automatic notifications when there is a problem with your network.
  • The ability to remotely manage your network.
  • Detailed stats on how much data is passing through your network and which guests are consuming the data.
  • We monitor, maintain, and update your network hardware and software as needed.
  • Peace of mind knowing your business computers and devices are not accessible to your guests on your WiFi network.


  • We work with vendor such as Ruckus, Ubiquiti and others to achieve the right balance of cost and performance.
  • We use both hard wired and wireless mesh technologies for maximum coverage and speed performance